In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed some of the consequences that Rhode Island drivers face if convicted of drunk driving charges. These penalties include costly fines, driver’s license suspension or revocation, jail time, probation, community service and mandatory alcohol abuse education classes. While these penalties are significant, there are often additional consequences that result from a DUI conviction that may initially be less obvious. 

In addition to the possible negative impact to one’s relationships with a significant other and family members, a DUI can also have a devastating impact on one’s current job or ability to secure future employment. 

This is especially true for commercial truck drivers or others professionals, like delivery drivers and some construction workers, who rely upon their ability to drive for their livelihood. For these individuals the suspension or revocation of a driver’s license can, and often does, result in job termination.

Even if an individual doesn’t drive a car or truck for a living, most residents in Rhode Island rely upon a personal vehicle to get to and from work. If an individual has no other reliable means of transportation, he or she may be consistently late to work or may miss too many days of work and subsequently be fired.

Due to possible malpractice claims, professionals like doctors, lawyers and nurses are licensed. In cases where a licensed professional is convicted of drunk driving, a professional license may be revoked and he or she may loose eligibility to practice for months or even longer. Often a revoked professional license will result in a termination.
Many residents in Rhode Island likely believe that drunk driving cases are straight-forward and always a slam-dunk for the prosecution. In truth, many DUI cases are incredibly complex and most people can benefit from securing a criminal defense attorney.

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