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How Do You Pay For Care?

There Is Hope

People are living longer than they used to, but a longer life in many cases means a life with limitations that require professional care. Meanwhile, the increasing costs of long-term care shows no sign of abating. If you or a loved one needs extra care in a skilled nursing facility, the steep costs of such care can put a huge financial strain on the family.

However, there are ways you can protect your family’s assets while also getting the care you need. In most cases, unless your family has significant wealth, this involves applying for Medicaid. At Sayer Regan & Thayer, LLP, our Rhode Island firm can help you and your family understand the steps you need to take to qualify for Medicaid to pay for long-term care. We can discuss your individual situation at your first initial consultation: call 401-324-9915 to make an appointment.

It Helps To Plan Early

Whether you intend to look into long-term care insurance or anticipate applying for Medicaid, doing the necessary work before you or a loved one needs care is a good idea. Long-term care insurance plans may deny people with certain health conditions, and so the healthier you are when you apply, the better. Long-term care insurance isn’t cheap, however, and it may not be an option for everyone. In that case, planning for Medicaid ahead of the time you need it can ensure that there is less stress on you and your family when it’s time to move to a higher level of care.

Get Started By Talking To A Lawyer

To discuss your situation and the best options for managing the cost of long-term care, make your appointment today to talk to an attorney. To schedule your free initial consultation at our Newport office, call our firm at 401-849-3040 or 800-803-7699 toll free, or get in touch via email.