On behalf of Sayer Regan & Thayer of Sayer Regan & Thayer, LLP posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

Everyone who lives by the ocean enjoys spending time there, whether it’s on or near the water. Many people in Newport have boats or know people who do, so they spend time boating throughout the season. As the days get warmer, you may be planning to hit the waves, too.

If you do, it’s a good idea to understand recreational boating safety and how to avoid injuries. It’s typically the boat-owner’s responsibility to keep passengers safe. If you get hurt as a result of poor maintenance or a boat crash caused by the driver’s negligence, you may be able to file a claim and obtain compensation.

What can you do to stay safe on the water?

The first thing all people planning to go boating need to do is to get a life vest. In the event that the boat crashes or you fall overboard, a life vest could save your life by keeping you afloat. All boats should have enough life preservers or life vests for each person on board to wear one in an emergency.

When the boat is in motion, take the time to put on your life vest. Always stay seated while you’re traveling.

Next, remember that drinking and boating isn’t safe. Even if it seems safer than driving a car, boats can still cause major collisions. Avoid harm by staying sober while you’re behind the wheel. Drink enough water to stay hydrated, too.

Being alert, focused and educated on boating keeps you safe. If you’re hurt as a result of someone’s negligent acts, don’t be afraid to seek a claim.