Rhode Island, like all states, has its own laws regarding marriage, divorce and other family law matters. Rhode Island follows equitable distribution laws. That means that the assets and debts that you and your spouse have collected during your marriage will be split in an equitable manner by the court if the two of you are unable to come to a mutual agreement on how to split them up yourselves. In community property states, a couple’s assets are split 50-50 in a divorce.

The courts in Rhode Island consider many factors when deciding how to divide marital property if the matter is brought before them. Some of the factors considered by judges include the length of time you’ve been married, how much each of the spouses contributed to the marriage, the ages of the individuals, the current health of the couple, the employability of both of the parties and other important factors.

Instead of asking the court to determine how your property will be divided, it’s better to work out your property division plan outside court. You can do this with the help of your attorney,

Equitable distribution laws can protect you if you’re the person who has put more money or effort into your marriage. Your attorney can help you fight for your fair share. You need to provide evidence that you have been supporting your spouse or putting more into your household and marriage financially. With good supporting documents, it’s easier to get a fair settlement. Your Rhode Island family law attorney will help you provide the evidence needed to seek a fair settlement.

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