Most Rhode Island residents equate boating mishaps with summer and sunshine. However, our lovely state offers both winter and summer activities on the water. Seal and lighthouse tours are two of the most common boating activities that take place during winter months. Most of these excursions are fun and safe, but it is always wise to understand that a personal injury can occur any time and at any place.

We like to encourage all of neighbors to take advantage of the unique winter boating activities our state has to offer. At the same time, we also want you to remain informed about personal injury liability regardless of the season. As you likely know, some boating incidents are simply accidents, but negligence may play a role in boating injuries. Below are just a few of the most common reasons negligent tour boat accidents occur.

  • Operating the boat while intoxicated
  • Operating the boat while drowsy
  • Allowing too many passengers to board
  • Operating without proper training and experience
  • Failing to provide adequate safety equipment
  • Choosing to operate the tour under adverse weather conditions
  • Boating at excessive speeds

Regarding personal injury, victims may be able to hold the boat operator, the tour or charter company or even the vessel manufacturer liable. A good way to move forward is to take your case to a legal professional. This ensures that you receive sound advice about a potential civil suit while helping you to learn more about how personal injury law functions.

For additional information about boating injuries and liability, we invite you to browse our resources. Our website also offers readers information about maritime law in the Newport region. Please visit us to learn more.