A family has decided to pursue a lawsuit against its local school district after their child suffered a serious injury and now suffers from a seizure disorder. According to the story from June 28, the girl went to Chariho High School when she was attacked by other students.

The incident took place during the school’s Spirit Week. The complaint states that the girl accidentally sprayed another girl with silly string. The girl retaliated, hitting the first in the head a number of times with her cellphone. As a result, the family’s daughter suffered a concussion. A 7-minute video captured everything that took place. It shows the girl being assaulted from behind.

Administrators at the school claim that the girl started the fight by spraying silly string on the other girl at close range. It hit her in the face. The district determined that the fight violated the school’s policy and placed the family’s daughter on a day of in-school suspension.

The lawsuit claims that the attack was unprovoked, though the district has determined that it was provoked. The family would like to sue to district, who they claim is trying to cover up the incident. They claim that their daughter now has a seizure disorder as a result of the trauma to her brain and that her life will be forever changed due to the injury taking away her confidence and affecting her academic performance.

In situations like this, it’s fair to fight for your rights. Even if both parties did something wrong, responding to something with violence can leave others with serious, life-changing injuries. You can choose to file a lawsuit if you feel you’re a victim of violence.

Source: thewesterlysun.com, “Silly String fight results in federal lawsuit against Chariho, state education officials,” Cynthia Drummond, June 28, 2017