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Injuries suffered in bike crashes can devastate victims

There are a number of injuries anyone who is involved in a bike crash could suffer, but in a bike crash with a motor vehicle, they're more likely to be serious. Road rash and impact injuries are just two of the more significant issues people face.

Motorcyclist struck by female driver in Newport

Rhode Island isn't a large state, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have risks that people face. Motorcyclists, in particular, become exposed when faced with dangerous drivers and truckers. They're on smaller vehicles, have less protection and are usually more difficult to see, making them more likely to become victims of a serious collision.

When is Motorcycle Awareness Month?

If you ride a motorcycle in the spring, summer and fall, you know how dangerous it can be. Drivers aren't always aware of your presence, and they're seemingly failing to look out for you at all. Even one wrong move can put you into the hospital or worse, yet drivers don't seem to take motorcyclists seriously.

Boating rules help you avoid collisions

Boating is part of the fun of the summer months. You can head out with your family or friends, race and enjoy your time on the water. The wide lakes and oceans in Rhode Island also make it easy to forget that others may be on or in the water, which could lead to a serious boat crash if you're not cautious.

What is a strained, sprained, pulled or torn soft tissue?

Through a variety of means, it's easy to pull, tear or strain the muscles in your back. In many cases, there's no one to blame for the accident. However, in some cases, you're in a position where you can seek a personal injury lawsuit.

Get the medical care you need to prevent bite wound infections

When an animal attacks you, the last thing you likely think about is infection. The first thing on your mind is stopping the bleeding and getting medical help; after all, the lacerations, broken bones and injuries are the most pressing concerns.

Potential new law would require skateboarders to wear helmets

Rhode Island and Connecticut both have helmet laws for cyclists, but when it comes to skateboarding, those laws aren't the same. One mother wants to change that. She spoke to lawmakers recently after claiming that her son's death in a skateboarding accident could have been prevented with a helmet.

What can you do to prevent sailing injuries?

Sailing is fun, and it brings people together. Whether it's a hobby or something you've put your entire working life into, sailing is important to you. What you do need to know, though, is the danger sailing can pose. If you're not prepared, a mistake could end up leading to serious injuries or death.

Personal injury caused by boating accidents in wintertime

Most Rhode Island residents equate boating mishaps with summer and sunshine. However, our lovely state offers both winter and summer activities on the water. Seal and lighthouse tours are two of the most common boating activities that take place during winter months. Most of these excursions are fun and safe, but it is always wise to understand that a personal injury can occur any time and at any place.

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