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Failing to read warnings may eliminate a company's liability

You were driving your boat when it suddenly idled. You wanted to check the motor, so you left your seat and looked over the edge of the boat. Noticing that there were weeds tangled in the propeller, you reached in to pull them out. The boat was still on, and the motor kicked back on, cutting your hand and arm. Fortunately, you were able to back away fast enough not to suffer a serious injury, but now you want to file a claim.

Girl faces lifelong injury after silly-string fight in Chariho

A family has decided to pursue a lawsuit against its local school district after their child suffered a serious injury and now suffers from a seizure disorder. According to the story from June 28, the girl went to Chariho High School when she was attacked by other students.

Treating back pain is difficult and may require many treatments

Lower back pain can make your life miserable after an accident. While there are some ways to treat it, pain can easily become a way of life for some patients. This is why it's so important that those who are injured get the compensation they need for ongoing medical treatment. A back injury can be lasting, and you deserve long-term care to help resolve the injury completely when possible.

3 tips for avoiding a boating accident

What better way to spend your summer than boating at Newport? Getting on your boat, fishing, wakeboarding or just cruising with your friends are all great things to do in the beautiful weather. Before you hit the water, make sure you refresh your mind about some critical safety tips. You do not want to get into a boating accident and sustain an injury to ruin your summer!

How can swimming pool-related injuries be prevented?

The summer is nearly here, and with the hotter weather on its way, that means that pools are open and ready to use. Swimming pool injuries are often thought of as something that only happens to children who goof around, but the truth is that many people are injured every year. Before this year's pool season, take time to understand the risks pools pose.

Roads in Rhode Island are more dangerous than others

No matter the supposed safety improvements made to vehicles and stricter traffic laws, accidents continue to happen. Car accidents happen every day in the U.S., including here in Rhode Island. In fact, research shows they are occurring at a relatively higher rate in our state. 

2 hurt and home damaged in 2-car crash in Providence

Some car accidents are more than just two vehicles colliding. There are times when the collision itself can head off the roads and into homes, yards or pedestrians. When accidents like this occur, the collateral damage is high. Those who weren't even on the roads are impacted.

What are the biggest risks to Rhode Island boaters?

Recreational boating is a wonderful activity whether you're going out as a family or just cruising with some friends—but accident prevention is always something that you have to have in mind if you want to have a safe time, not just a good time.

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