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Rhode Island's Senate pushes bill to help mentally-ill defendants

Mental health issues are on the minds of the Rhode Island Senate as policy makers try to push through a package of reforms designed to encourage treatment of the mentally ill rather than incarceration.

DNA collection at your arrest: What you should know

Mandatory DNA testing of people under arrest: the police love it, but defenders of civil liberties say that it is helping decay the presumption of innocence, which has long been part of the bedrock of the United States legal system.

What can your defense attorney do at the lineup to help you?

In a previous blog entry, we've discussed some of the numerous the problems with eyewitness identifications. Let's address a specific issue involving eyewitnesses that many defendants have to overcome: the lineup.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and corporate fraud

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has made corporate fraud one if its highest enforcement initiatives. The FBI is the lead government agency that investigates this kind of white collar crime, and in those efforts, it focuses primarily on fraud that involves accounting schemes, obstruction of justice and self-dealing by executives.

A DUI Conviction Could Change Your Immigration Status

The consequences of a DUI are hard on anyone, but for people from other countries who are living and working in the United States, those consequences can be devastating. Whether here temporarily or hoping to achieve permanent status, non-U.S. citizens convicted of DUI in Rhode Island face not only the penalties provided under DUI law, but also potential changes in their immigration status that could include deportation. Several factors come into play that determine what will happen to a non-citizen following a DUI conviction.

The costs of a DUI are vast and many

Have you ever stopped and considered how much a drunk driving offense costs the offender? It doesn't just stop with the legal consequences associated with the crime. Instead, the costs permeate throughout a person's life and can affect a wide range of issues that you wouldn't even consider if you haven't had to deal with post-DUI circumstances.

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