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What are attractive nuisances and why do they matter?

When you live in a neighborhood that is full of children, you are likely going to see the children running here and there during the day. While most children will be supervised, there is a chance that some won't be. Those children are part of the reason why homeowners should make sure that there aren't any attractive nuisances on their property.

A closer look at one of summer's biggest draws -- and biggest dangers - II

In our previous post, our blog began discussing how one of the preferred destinations for young children during the hot summer days is also one of the most dangerous. Specifically, we discussed how swimming pools present an elevated risk of serious injuries and fatalities for little ones.

A closer look at one of summer's biggest draws -- and biggest dangers

With the summer heat now in full effect, the first stop for many children is naturally the sprinkler or, of course, the nearest swimming pool. While this has been the reality for decades, what's also been the reality for decades is that swimming pools present an elevated risk of injuries -- and fatalities -- for young children.

Do you know enough about slip, trip and fall accidents?

It's safe to say that when most people make a trip to the nearest shopping mall to buy clothes, grocery store to buy some kitchen essentials or local pharmacy to pick up a prescription, the last thing on their mind is suffering a serious personal injury. In other words, they focus on things like their shopping list and other everyday concerns because they understandably take it for a given that the store in question is safe for customers.

Woman dies from injuries after fall; lawsuit filed

Under city, state and even federal laws, property owners are held to certain standards. They are expected to maintain their land and buildings so that they are safe for authorized visitors at all times. When Rhode Island property owners fail to do this, individuals often suffer devastating personal injuries. When this occurs, these victims have the right to pursue a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner in order to seek full accountability for any documented negligence.

Dangerous property condition at museum injures 2 young boys

Rhode Island parents never expect for their child to get hurt when they go on a trip to a city children's museum. Unfortunately, unexpected things happen, especially due to a dangerous property condition that occurs when authorities and officials do not properly maintain the premises of public property. For one mother in another state, that's exactly what happened and is the subject of her premises liability lawsuit.

Premises liability in cases of temporary structures

Most readers are familiar with the concept of a premises liability lawsuit. Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that their property is reasonably safe and that guests are warned of any dangers that cannot be mitigated. Owners of stores, restaurants, stadiums and nearly all other commercial structures take safety seriously, and the threat of lawsuits is one of the biggest motivating factors.

Man files premises liability suit claiming needle stuck him

Rhode Island residents may be interested in hearing about a man who is pursuing a lawsuit against a well-known and very upscale hotel after he allegedly stuck his finger on a syringe that was in the couch in his hotel room. In addition to him being a plaintiff in the premises liability lawsuit, his wife is also listed as a plaintiff. She is alleging that she has suffered damages throughout the process as well.

What types of situations can cause slip-and-fall accidents?

Slip-and-fall lawsuits are among the most commonly pursued personal injury lawsuits throughout the United States, including in Rhode Island. There are numerous things that can cause slip-and-fall accidents to occur. Some of these are briefly detailed below.

When a shopping trip ends in an injury

From Kleenex to the kitchen sink, when it comes to retail stores and finding what you need, residents in and around the Newport area have a variety of options. Whether you choose to purchase goods from a big-box retailer or an independent mom-and-pop shop, all store owners have a legal responsibility to ensure that a premise is safe and free of known hazards—both inside and outside.

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