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Understanding more about what you can do after a car accident

As most people make their way to work, school or other appointments, they will inevitably hear a local traffic report on the radio detailing how a certain stretch of highway or popular thoroughfare is moving slowly thanks to a serious accident.

Road debris is a bigger danger than you might realize

Almost everyone has experienced some sort of frightening near miss with road debris from the remnants of blown tires to decidedly more menacing objects like mattresses or ladders that have clearly fallen from their trailers, truck beds or vehicle roofs.

Research shows just how valuable more restrictive road rules can be

Given all that we now know about the causes of motor vehicle accidents and what can be done to prevent them from occurring, most people would logically conclude that the majority of the states have similar traffic laws on the books, such that there is some degree of uniformity about things like speed limits, seat belts and graduated teen licensing programs.

How RIDOT is working to reduce wrong-way crashes

There is perhaps nothing more frightening than the thought of traveling down a divided highway or the interstate only to see a pair of headlights traveling in the wrong direction. Indeed, by the time this imminent danger even registers in a motorist's brain, it may be too late to apply the brakes or even attempt an evasive maneuver.

How do you know it's time for an older loved one to hand over their keys?

The unfortunate reality for anyone with senior parents is that there will likely come a day in the not too distant future when they will have to have a difficult conversation with them about their ability to engage in the activities they love in light of health concerns and other safety considerations.

Car accident in Rhode Island results in serious injury

In the aftermath of a motor vehicle collision in Rhode Island, a special investigation team may be called in to recreate the accident in order to help determine an exact cause. This is often the case if crash details are unclear. If a car accident is deemed to be the result of motorist negligence, a civil lawsuit may be filed above and beyond any criminal charges a negligent or reckless driver may face.

Responding legally to a car accident in Rhode Island

When a fender-bender occurs on a Rhode Island roadway, it often amounts to a mere inconvenience and a brief exchange of personal and insurance information. Most of the time, those involved part ways and go about business as usual. If no one is injured and property damage is limited to a mere cosmetic scratch or two, it is possible that nothing more will come of the situation. However, when a car accident results in substantial property damage or personal injury, a person may choose to respond legally by filing a claim against any party deemed responsible. 

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