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In Rhode Island, BUI penalties and fines are stiff

Newport residents and visitors are surrounded by water and many enjoy boating throughout the summer months. When boating, safety is important and U.S. Coast Guard officers regularly patrol the waters around Newport to identify possible boating hazards and engage in rescue operations.

Is it possible to fight back against BUI charges in Rhode Island?

For many boaters, a relaxing day out on the water would not be complete with a few drinks. The issue though is when one or two drinks turns into more drinks and the driver of the boat becomes legally impaired. 

With Memorial Day Weekend upon us, here's a simple reminder

In just over 24 hours, the Memorial Day Weekend will be upon us. There will be many people out there who want to soak in the sun during this holiday that marks the "opening of the Summer," and as such, there will be plenty of people who take their boat out on the ocean or to the lake to enjoy the weather and have a good time with friends and family.

When you go out on your boat, safety trumps entertainment

When it comes to enjoying a day out on the lake or the ocean, it is very likely that the boater or boating group will bring some alcoholic beverages with them. not every boater or boating group does this -- but a large quantity of boat trips involve alcoholic beverages. Obviously, this can lead to some problems and complications.

Man arrested for boating under the influence after zone violation

While the following story didn't occur here in Rhode Island, it is yet another installment in the line of boating under the influence stories that show how this offense can dramatically affect a person's life in a negative way. The man in this case is from Florida, and he was operating his vessel recently when police, in a joint move with the Florida Wildlife Commission, stopped him for operating in a "manatee slow speed zone."

A discussion about boating under the influence

Did you know that according to the Insurance Information Institute the number of boating accidents that involve alcohol is roughly 50 percent? That's a startling figure that really puts the matter into focus. The Coast Guard also says that when a boating accident happens that involve alcohol, the chance for the incident to be fatal is increased 34 percent.

More BUI law craziness: 'tubing under influence' may be allowed

While the following story doesn't have to do with the laws of Rhode Island, it still brings up a very interesting conversation about boating under the influence -- and, mainly, how it seems that any water-related activity is under attack of DUI and BUI laws.

Boater arrested on suspicion of operating boat while intoxicated

While the following story is not local, it still presents the chance to discuss boating under the influence and the many ramifications this charge can have on the people who are accused of committing the offense.

BUIs on your driving record? One lawmaker wants this reality

While the following story isn't happening here in Rhode Island, it still serves as an important reminder about operating your boat and drinking while you do it. Or, more accurately, it's about boating under the influence and how this act is being taken very seriously by lawmakers, and this could become a national trend.

Some questions and answers regarding BUIs

Boating under the influence exists in a weird realm of law where many people have questions about the charge even though it may seem akin to a driving under the influence charge. However, there are some differences between the charges, so let's dive into some common questions that are asked by BUIs and how such a charge can impact an accused person.

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