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What can you do to prevent sailing injuries?

Sailing is fun, and it brings people together. Whether it's a hobby or something you've put your entire working life into, sailing is important to you. What you do need to know, though, is the danger sailing can pose. If you're not prepared, a mistake could end up leading to serious injuries or death.

Personal injury caused by boating accidents in wintertime

Most Rhode Island residents equate boating mishaps with summer and sunshine. However, our lovely state offers both winter and summer activities on the water. Seal and lighthouse tours are two of the most common boating activities that take place during winter months. Most of these excursions are fun and safe, but it is always wise to understand that a personal injury can occur any time and at any place.

Boating requirements: Certification matters in Rhode Island

When you're out on the water, it's time to enjoy being with your friends and family. As the fall and winter approach, it's an important time to talk about boating safety. Waters can get rough quickly, so you need to understand the laws, what to do in an emergency and how to be safe.

These causes of boating accidents can lead to death or injury

You love going out on the water, and since winter is approaching, you're spending as much time on the water as possible. With the changing season, weather conditions are more unpredictable, and you want to do what you can to avoid a crash.

Stay safe when boating with these tips

Boating can be safe at any time of the year if you make sure to look ahead and plan for the worst. When you're boating, it's important to know about potential unsafe weather conditions on the water and to travel with another person. If you plan to head out for long, have a good safety plan in place, and let the marina know where you're headed.

Laws could protect drivers who hit protesters

Imagine being in a crowd protesting. You're not a hazard to anyone. You're minding your own business and speaking your mind within your First Amendment rights. You have permission to stand on the sidewalk and to be on the roads. There are barriers around you.

Failing to read warnings may eliminate a company's liability

You were driving your boat when it suddenly idled. You wanted to check the motor, so you left your seat and looked over the edge of the boat. Noticing that there were weeds tangled in the propeller, you reached in to pull them out. The boat was still on, and the motor kicked back on, cutting your hand and arm. Fortunately, you were able to back away fast enough not to suffer a serious injury, but now you want to file a claim.

Girl faces lifelong injury after silly-string fight in Chariho

A family has decided to pursue a lawsuit against its local school district after their child suffered a serious injury and now suffers from a seizure disorder. According to the story from June 28, the girl went to Chariho High School when she was attacked by other students.

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