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Fraud against Immigrants by Notario Publicos

Immigration issues continue to generate front page headlines in our country. What is often missing from the sensational stories is the very human cost of our tangled and confusing immigration policy. The “walking on eggshells” nature of an immigrant’s every waking moment has led to some unsavory practices by those willing to take advantage of a tenuous situation.

One scam preying on people seeking immigration assistance that is growing is scope revolves around notary publics. People seeking immigration assistance should be wary of advisers who promise work permits, citizenship and release from immigration detention, yet who are not legally qualified to offer such assistance.

How do you obtain lawful permanent resident status as a refugee?

As someone who has held asylum status for over a year, you're in a good position to seek a green card. The United States allows those who have been under refugee status to change their statuses to lawful permanent resident status.

Can you face penalties for overstaying a visa?

You've been living in the United States on a visa, and you met someone you like a lot. You know your visa is running out, and you haven't found a way to stay in the country. What happens if you decide to overstay your visa to be with the person you want a relationship with?

Fiances may be entitled to come to the U.S. as a resident

It wasn't ever your intention to fall in love out of the country, but now that you have, there's a problem you need to overcome. You want to go to the United States to be married, but there are regulations that require you to obtain a visa first.

How to continue working if your visa is temporary

Rhode Island is home to many beautiful lakes and resort areas. Many might say that sailing is the state's unofficial pastime, and indeed, many residents enjoy yachting regularly. The surrounding industry employs many individuals, and a significant portion of the workforce comprises immigrants who are working with temporary visas. If you are one of the workers, perhaps you want to prolong your stay.

Border Patrol to keep checkpoints open during Hurricane Harvey

Although this doesn't take place in Rhode Island, if you're considering heading to Texas to help with the hurricane's damage or to try to find your loved ones, it may apply to you. The Border Patrol has stated that checkpoints will remain active while Hurricane Harvey is present in the state, even though it could put lives at risk.

How can you get a 601 waiver?

You came to America to seek a better life, and you're concerned that you could be deported. Coming to America illegally was not the correct way to enter, but there are some ways to protect your right to stay. One option for you to get into the United States is to leave for 10 years and reapply after your reentry ban ends. If you're unable to leave for fear of your life, there are other options.

Unauthorized immigrants on edge, fear immigration agents

With many new policies in place this presidency, it's perhaps no surprise that immigrants feel threatened. There are thousands upon thousands of undocumented immigrants in the United States. Many live normal lives with families. They work hard, pay their bills on time and pay their taxes.

Prepping for the worst case scenario: Planning for deportation

If you're an undocumented immigrant with children that are United States citizens, it's wise to have an emergency plan in place in case you are detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and ultimately deported.

Talk to an attorney: Don't fall victim to immigration con artists

This is an anxious time period for a lot of immigrants, whether they are undocumented or here on a valid visa. It's also a time that's full of opportunities for those willing to prey on the anxieties of others -- which is why immigration-related scams are suddenly thriving.

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