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Rhode Island: Specific state laws for divorce

You've been married for a few years, and from the beginning, you thought it might have been a bad decision. You found your spouse in over his head in debt, and you struggled to pay the bills while he decided not to work a full-time job. Your life has been nothing but difficult since your marriage began, and now you just want out.

Rhode Island protects you with equitable distribution laws

Rhode Island, like all states, has its own laws regarding marriage, divorce and other family law matters. Rhode Island follows equitable distribution laws. That means that the assets and debts that you and your spouse have collected during your marriage will be split in an equitable manner by the court if the two of you are unable to come to a mutual agreement on how to split them up yourselves. In community property states, a couple's assets are split 50-50 in a divorce.

Growing divorce rates lead to larger American families

When you get a divorce, it divides your family and can mean you lose some family members. That's short-lived, though, if you end up getting remarried, according to a news article. Divorce is actually responsible for making American families bigger than ever, growing them up to 66 percent thanks to stepparents, parents, half and step-siblings and others coming together into one family.

Paternity: You have a right to know your child

When your child was born, it was the best moment of your life. That was until you found out that you hadn't been assumed to be the child's father. You weren't married to the mother, and now you're concerned you won't get the rights you deserve or get to take part in raising your child due to the mother's wishes.

Rhode Island has its own specific child custody laws

As a parent who wants what is best for your child, it's important to understand Rhode Island's child custody laws. As your divorce progresses, you will need to come up with a child custody plan that works for your situation. If you can't agree, then the judge must make a decision for you.

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