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How can you fight a DUI charge in Rhode Island?

You were driving when you saw the flashing red and blue lights. You knew you were probably driving while intoxicated, so you didn't want to stop. You did anyway, and it was only a short time before you found yourself in the backseat of the police cruiser.

Now, you just want the DUI to go away without impacting your record. You need to drive to get to work, and you can't afford to have a criminal record for a one-time mistake.

How can you defend yourself against a DUI without admitting guilt?

One way to defend yourself without admitting your guilt is to claim that the Breathalyzer was inaccurate. An arrest based on false readings won't hold up in court, so if you can prove that the officer was not legally trained to perform the test, that the readers were inaccurate or that the test was given incorrectly, you may be able to have the case dropped without prosecution.

Another possibility is to question the chain of custody. For example, if you were in a crash and had nothing to drink but have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test show that you're over the legal limit, you may want to question who handled your blood test. If someone who wanted you to be arrested handled it, you could argue that the test was tampered with.

Sometimes, there may be a question as to who was actually driving a car at the time of a crash. In a crash where the individuals have exited the car, you may be accused of driving drunk when you actually were a passenger in the vehicle. If you face a DUI but weren't the person driving, you don't deserve a penalty for driving under the influence.

Each of these defenses could help you, even if you were intoxicated at the time of your arrest. Your attorney can talk to you more about which defense may work in your case.

Source: FindLaw, "Defenses to Drunk Driving," accessed Sep. 15, 2017

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