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May 2017 Archives

Roads in Rhode Island are more dangerous than others

No matter the supposed safety improvements made to vehicles and stricter traffic laws, accidents continue to happen. Car accidents happen every day in the U.S., including here in Rhode Island. In fact, research shows they are occurring at a relatively higher rate in our state. 

How can you get a 601 waiver?

You came to America to seek a better life, and you're concerned that you could be deported. Coming to America illegally was not the correct way to enter, but there are some ways to protect your right to stay. One option for you to get into the United States is to leave for 10 years and reapply after your reentry ban ends. If you're unable to leave for fear of your life, there are other options.

2 hurt and home damaged in 2-car crash in Providence

Some car accidents are more than just two vehicles colliding. There are times when the collision itself can head off the roads and into homes, yards or pedestrians. When accidents like this occur, the collateral damage is high. Those who weren't even on the roads are impacted.

Maritime law: You have a right to compensation when hurt

When you're in a maritime accident, you may find that your case falls under the both-to-blame clause. The ocean marine insurance policy has this clause stating that if one ship or vessel collides with another because both parties were negligent, both parties need to share in the losses based on the value of their cargo and interests before the accident occurred.

Unauthorized immigrants on edge, fear immigration agents

With many new policies in place this presidency, it's perhaps no surprise that immigrants feel threatened. There are thousands upon thousands of undocumented immigrants in the United States. Many live normal lives with families. They work hard, pay their bills on time and pay their taxes.

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