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Mitigate your bike accident risk by keeping your cycle in shape

Did you know that taking good care of your bicycle can reduce your risk of being seriously injured in a road accident? Too many of our clients suffer serious injuries in their bike crashes, and sometimes the wounds are made worse by the fact that the bike was not in tip-top shape. Make sure that you are supporting community safety and protecting yourself by giving your bike a springtime tune-up.

Bicyclists with a clean, functional bike tend to be safer on Rhode Island roads. You can either do your own "spring cleaning" on your bike, or you can take it in to a local shop, which generally only charges a modest fee. A complete bike tune-up should include attention to your brakes, wheels, drive train and tires.

What are the consequences of riding with worn-out brake pads and other problems? Some of our clients suffer broken bones and other major injuries because of their bike crashes. Old brake pads can prevent you from stopping short of that negligent driver, and they could lead to worse injuries than if you had kept your bike in working order. The same goes for your tires, cables and other key systems.

Ultimately, bike awareness and conscientious driving are the responsibility of the car or truck driver who is occupying the road. Bicycle victims should not be vilified because of their involvement in an injurious accident, particularly if a negligent driver struck them while riding. However, cyclists can ameliorate or mitigate some of their risk by taking the time to tune up their bikes before hitting the road. It is in everyone's best interest to keep their vehicles in operating condition to protect others who use Rhode Island roads.

Source: Total Bike, "Spring Bicycle Tune-Up," accessed April 13, 2017

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