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How to ride safely in a Rhode Island motorcycle group

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous when you're solo, but add in a group of riders and the danger can increase. Riding with a group of other bikers does not have to be a dangerous event. In fact, it can be very safe if you and the other riders take safety as the number one priority when on the roads of Rhode Island.

Riding in a group can be distracting for some inexperienced riders. You should never try to have conversations with the other riders while operating the motorcycles, unless the group is using microphones in their helmets for communication. Talking with other riders in the group can lead to an accident.

Another excellent way to stay safe on the roads of Rhode Island when riding in a group is to leave space between your motorcycle and the other bikes in the group. You can leave enough space by having a two-second lead time between yourself and the bike in front of you. This can come in handy when you have to stop suddenly or if the road conditions deteriorate. Leaving space is done best when riding staggered.

The group should also plan the breaks it will take throughout the trip, especially if it is a lengthy one. This will give riders a sense of how long they will be on the bikes. Knowing when the group will take a break can make it easier to navigate the trip as riders will know what to be on the lookout for on the roads.

Try to keep the group of riders to a manageable size. You don't want hundreds of riders involved as it can be easy for someone to get lost or misplaced along the route. A smaller group will have an easier time sticking together on the roads.

There are times when riding single file will be beneficial to the group. This includes wet roads, sharp turns and areas of decreased visibility.

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