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How to handle Rhode Island animal bites

Being bitten by an animal, whether familiar or not, is a trying experience for all that witnessed or were involved in the incident. Handling the situation and treating the bite victim are important, but make sure you know the proper steps to take following a bite in Rhode Island.

If you or a loved one is bitten by an animal, the first thing you must do is seek medical attention. If the bite is severe enough, it might be best to call 911 and request an ambulance for care and transport, especially if a child is involved in the attack. Leaving an animal bite untreated can lead to infection, further damage to the area and possibly death.

The next thing you may want to do after being bitten by an animal is to consider the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney. This should be done as soon as your medical evaluation and care are complete. The sooner you get started with this part of the process, the sooner you can collect damages for the attack.

When meeting with the attorney, be sure you have detailed information about the attack and the surroundings. You will need to provide the name and contact information of the animal owner to your attorney. If others witnessed the bite, provide the lawyer with this information as well.

The following can be held liable for an animal bite:

-- Animal owner

-- Landlord

-- Property owner

-- Parent of a minor

-- Animal keepers

Victims of animal bites in Rhode Island can collect a variety of different damages depending on the case. Those damages include lost wages, medical expenses, property damage and pain and suffering.

There are some instances where the victim might be awarded punitive damages, which means the defendant acted beyond negligence and did so with intentional conduct or recklessness.

To learn more about animal bites in Newport, Rhode Island, and how to handle them, spend a few moments looking over our web pages on the topic.

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