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Determining who pays damages in animal bite cases

Being bitten by an animal is not something anyone wants to experience. An animal bite can linger for months if not cared for properly. It could also lead to other medical issues.

Animal bites can happen from domesticated animals and wild animals. If you have suffered an animal bite you will want to know who pays the damages incurred.

If an animal bite occurs in someone's home, the owner of the animal will likely have their homeowner's insurance pay for the damages incurred. If you recall, when you sign up for homeowner's insurance you are asked if you own any pets, what type and breed. This is for your policy. Most policies only cover the first instance of an animal bite. Any subsequent bite will have to be covered using a different method.

Some animal owners purchase animal insurance for their pet. This insurance can cover more than just the medical bills for the pet. For example, some pet insurance policies will cover any claims made if the animal bites someone or another animal.

If you were bitten by a person's pet while in their car, the owner's car insurance policy might cover the bite and help pay for damages. The bite would have to have occurred in the car or on the car, such as in the bed of a pickup truck. You will need to be able to prove it happened in or on the vehicle in order for the car insurance policy to grant payment of the claim.

If the owner of the pet that bit you does not have a policy that can cover the damages, you can always file a legal claim against him or her for damages. You can recover damages for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, loss of consortium, loss of future wages and more.

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