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The Five Surprising Injuries You Can Get On A Luxury Yacht

For many, traveling the world on a luxury yacht is the perfect vacation filled with world-class amenities. While there are certainly many upsides to vacationing on a luxury yacht, however, not all individuals are lucky enough to escape their travels unscathed. The truth is that many people suffer injuries on luxury yachts, sometimes in surprising ways. 


A fire is a common accident to occur on luxury yachts. While older and smaller vessels are more susceptible to fire than luxury yachts, these expensive boats require far more maintenance, according to Bloomberg. If a crew fails to maintain a yacht, the risk of fire rises. In most cases, luxury yachts catch fire at the dock. However, when fires start while a yacht is at sea, burns are a common injury.

Impact Injuries

While falling overboard is not common on luxury yachts, it is still possible. An individual who falls overboard a yacht will generally suffer severe injuries. In some cases, the impact kills the peson immediately. In other cases, the individual can be left behind by the yacht. Sometimes, by the time the individual is discovered to be missing from the boat, he or she has already drowned.


Slip-and-falls cause many injuries on yachts. If the crew fails to keep all surfaces on a luxury yacht dry at all times, slip-and-falls become more likely. Of course, since a yacht is completely surrounded by water, it can be difficult to keep the surfaces dry. Also, passengers may spill their beverages and fail to alert a crew member to clean up the mess.


Believe it or not, injuries from assault are actually quite common on luxury yachts. If passengers drink alcoholic beverages on the yacht, they may become inebriated. Some cruise companies offer passengers alcoholic beverages as a part of a package. The presence of a number of inebriated individuals in a relatively small space can be a recipe for conflict. Unsurprisingly, individuals often suffer injuries from drunken brawls on luxury yachts.

Food Poisoning

On a luxury yacht, the cooks are responsible for preparing meals for a large number of people in a short period of time. If food is prepared incorrectly, food poisoning is a possibility.

While a vacation on a luxury yacht is a positive experience for most people, in some cases, the vacation ends badly. If you or a loved one has been injured on a yacht, make sure to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who can evaluate your case and help you secure appropriate compensation. 

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