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Those looking to get back on a motorcycle must proceed cautiously

It's no secret that as many men begin to reach middle age, they naturally start to reflect on their younger days and, by extension, the hobbies they once enjoyed. Indeed, given the fact that many of these men are past the stage of raising young children, and have both more disposable income and more time, many actually take things one step further and look to rekindle their old pastime.

While this can prove to be fairly innocuous -- perhaps their favored distraction was repairing engines or stamp collecting -- it can also prove to be rather disconcerting for family members. For example, they may be looking to get back on the highway behind the handlebars of a new motorcycle.

Why should a renewed interest in motorcycling be cause for concern?

According to experts, the motorcycles of today are much bigger and much faster than the models many of these older men probably drove in the 60s or 70s, with some equipped with engines that are two or even three times more powerful.

In addition, experts point out that road conditions have only deteriorated over the decades in many locations, such that rusty drivers are unaccustomed to the dangers posed by everything from potholes to deteriorating expansion joints.

However, the single biggest dangers facing these pseudo-rookie drivers, say experts, is the state of traffic itself, as there are now more people on the roads driving bigger vehicles with bigger blind spots. Even worse, many are driving distracted, talking, texting or surfing the Internet on their smartphones while behind the wheel.

In light of all these dangers, experts indicate that family members should strongly consider urging their fathers, brothers, uncles and nephews to carefully consider any purchase of a motorcycle and, if they proceed, to insist that they do the following to protect themselves:

  • Always wear a helmet and safety gear
  • Drive defensively
  • Take a refresher course in order to relearn road basics, and get professional advice about the right kind of bike and the extent of skills
  • Start out on parking lots, before graduating to side streets, busy roads and the highways

If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident caused by the recklessness of another, consider speaking with an experienced legal professional as soon as possible to learn more about the law and your options for pursuing justice.

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