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April 2016 Archives

Car accident in Rhode Island results in serious injury

In the aftermath of a motor vehicle collision in Rhode Island, a special investigation team may be called in to recreate the accident in order to help determine an exact cause. This is often the case if crash details are unclear. If a car accident is deemed to be the result of motorist negligence, a civil lawsuit may be filed above and beyond any criminal charges a negligent or reckless driver may face.

Responding legally to a car accident in Rhode Island

When a fender-bender occurs on a Rhode Island roadway, it often amounts to a mere inconvenience and a brief exchange of personal and insurance information. Most of the time, those involved part ways and go about business as usual. If no one is injured and property damage is limited to a mere cosmetic scratch or two, it is possible that nothing more will come of the situation. However, when a car accident results in substantial property damage or personal injury, a person may choose to respond legally by filing a claim against any party deemed responsible. 

Passenger of alleged drunk driver lands in hospital after crash

Driving while intoxicated can be life-threatening -- not only for the driver but also for any passengers in the vehicle. A passenger was recently sent to a Rhode Island Hospital after he suffered injuries in an accident that was caused by an alleged drunk driver. Although the driver initially claimed to have been sober, police say he later admitted to being a regular drinker and said he messed up this time.

Woman dies from injuries after fall; lawsuit filed

Under city, state and even federal laws, property owners are held to certain standards. They are expected to maintain their land and buildings so that they are safe for authorized visitors at all times. When Rhode Island property owners fail to do this, individuals often suffer devastating personal injuries. When this occurs, these victims have the right to pursue a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner in order to seek full accountability for any documented negligence.

Victim of dog attack will likely sue employer and dog owner

Dog owners nationwide, including in Rhode Island, must ensure their pets pose no danger to others. Any victim of a dog attack may hold the animal's owner accountable for damages. The owner of a Labrador-mix dog in another state may soon be facing a personal injury lawsuit after the dog attacked a cleaner.

Car accident in Rhode Island leaves 1 seriously injured

Most Rhode Island residents don't give a second thought to getting into their vehicles each day. It's something that must be done in order to go to school or work or to run errands. However, the reality is that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle can be extremely dangerous. This is true even when one is overly careful with his or her own driving. One person found this out recently after being involved in a terrible car accident.

What you should know about dealing with insurance after accidents

When you are involved in a Rhode Island car accident, it can be extremely difficult to remember the training that you underwent when you tested for your driver's license. Your mind is going a million miles an hour and you don't think about what you should be doing. Instead, you just want to make sure you're alright and all the individuals who are involved in the car accident are also okay. The last thing you're thinking about is your insurance. Unfortunately, this may be your first mistake.

Dangerous property condition at museum injures 2 young boys

Rhode Island parents never expect for their child to get hurt when they go on a trip to a city children's museum. Unfortunately, unexpected things happen, especially due to a dangerous property condition that occurs when authorities and officials do not properly maintain the premises of public property. For one mother in another state, that's exactly what happened and is the subject of her premises liability lawsuit.

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