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Suspended license often causes more havoc than anticipated

There are many penalties and damaging elements that can haunt someone who is convicted of a drunk driving offense. The financial penalties are immense. Huge fees and fines are associated with a DUI charge, and you will have to pay to get your vehicle out of impound. There could be jail time associated with your DUI. And then having to carry the burden of a criminal past makes it difficult for you to get a job or find a place to live, let alone potentially barring you from voting in elections.

All of these things can really harm someone who has been accused of drunk driving, and make it difficult for them to move on from the unfortunate incident. They just want to work on improving their lives, but these penalties just make it harder for them to do that.

Amid this sea of consequences, one is often forgotten: the loss of a person's driver's license. Without the ability to drive in the wake of a DUI, it is often difficult for the accused to make court appointments, fulfill his or her personal and legal obligations, and to perform basic tasks during the day that require a car.

Furthermore, ignition interlock penalties can add additional punishment even after someone has his or her driver's license renewed or reinstated. You will likely take the financial hit to equip and install the device on your vehicle.

It is imperative that you get a lawyer early in the DUI process so that your rights will be protected and upheld, and so that you can potentially minimize the damage of the charge.

Source: FindLaw, "DUI Offense Basics," Accessed Aug. 28, 2015

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