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March 2015 Archives

A discussion about boating under the influence

Did you know that according to the Insurance Information Institute the number of boating accidents that involve alcohol is roughly 50 percent? That's a startling figure that really puts the matter into focus. The Coast Guard also says that when a boating accident happens that involve alcohol, the chance for the incident to be fatal is increased 34 percent.

About the time a man called the cops on himself for DUI

Many Rhode Island residents may not have heard this incredible story, but a 55-year-old man in Canada was recently driving home one morning after he had been drinking the night before. The man knew he was drunk, and so he pulled over on a freeway and called the police -- on himself. The police showed up and gave the man a breath test which showed that he was indeed over the legal limit.

You need to defend yourself in the wake of a DUI

Drunk driving penalties are already very harsh on the individual who is being accused of the offense. But at the same time, the criminal justice system is against him or her from the get-go. Usually an individual who is accused of a DUI is not fully aware of all of his or her rights. They may know some basic rights, but they may lack knowledge or awareness of some other rights and protections that they are entitled to.

The numbers behind Rhode Island drunk driving offenses in 2012

We often talk about drunk driving in terms of its implications and effects on the individual accused of the crime here on this blog. But what does drunk driving look like in the state of Rhode Island? What does the data show for this offense? Today, we will look at some 2012 statistics which deal with drunk driving here in the state of Rhode Island and were compiled by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility.

Attorney general calls for enhanced DUI penalties in Rhode Island

We have spoken about the expansion of DUI laws and the enhanced punishments that many lawmakers are considering for drunk drivers on this blog before. But in those cases, the suggested actions and changes to the law were not happening here in Rhode Island. Now, the changing tide of DUI laws and consequences has made it to the Ocean State, with lawmakers calling for stronger penalties for the offense of driving under the influence.

The financial implications of a chemical test refusal in RI

When police here in Rhode Island make a DUI arrest, they generally will request that the arrestee take a chemical test regarding their blood alcohol level, such as a breath test, a blood test or a urine test. Now, an arrestee could refuse to undergo such a test, but doing so could have some significant negative consequences for them. This is because, under Rhode Island law, administrative penalties can be issued against drivers who refuse a reasonable chemical test request.

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