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November 2014 Archives

Lose a loved one in a fatal offshore accident? Help is available

Rhode Island is home to a gorgeous coastline and beautiful waterways. Needless to say, boating activities are a common occurrence in this state. Unfortunately, boating accidents do occur on occasion, and those who have lost a loved one in a fatal offshore accident may wonder if they have any legal recourse.

'Boater's fatigue' and what it means in a BUI case

Imagine that you go out on the lake with your speedboat, or you take to the seas with your boat. It's a sunny, beautiful day -- but a bit windy. While you're out there, you enjoy a beer or two. This isn't out of the ordinary in many boating trips for many people, but on this day, the influence the alcohol has over you feels stronger than ever before.

Teen arrested for drunk driving, released on bond

A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about the varying charges and penalties related to driving under the influence charges in the state of Rhode Island. In that post, we talked about the "zero tolerance" blood alcohol limit for those who are underage. That limit is 0.02 (much lower than the normal 0.08 limit), and it appears than a teenager in Rhode Island has committed this offense.

What a DUI expungement can do for you

Many people may not know about, or even heard about, criminal expungements. When an expungement is granted to someone, it means that the individual's criminal history is effectively hidden from view. The record still exists, mind you, so that it can be referenced in case of other criminal offenses -- but the charge won't show up in background checks.

Man sued for causing boat collision while drunk

While the following story did not occur here in Rhode Island, it serves as an important reminder to people who enjoy going out on the lake with their boat -- and maybe enjoying a drink or two during the ride. And that reminder is this: don't do it.

Drunk driving is a mistake, and you have to defend yourself

Let's say that you go out to your local establishment with a few friends on a Thursday night. You and your buddies have been doing this for many months. Every couple of weeks or so, you get together to have a couple of drinks and just catch up. You've never had a problem with this, and every happy hour you've been to before this one, you've always enjoyed two drinks and then a glass of water.

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