Month: August 2017

Avoid boating accidents with these 2 reminders

The summer is a great time to go boating, but only if you know how to stay safe. You should never go out onto the water without knowing how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Most boating accidents can be avoided with a few simple tips. Here are a...

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3 boating hazards to avoid

There is no doubt that boating in Rhode Island is a fun experience. Whether this is your first summer out on the water or you have boated here your entire life, it is important to remember that boating accidents can easily happen. There are various hazards that...

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Can you get drunk from food cooked in alcohol?

You went out to eat with friends and made sure you didn't drink, because you had to be the one to drive home sober. Not long after you started your trek home, you noticed that you weren't feeling quite right. Shortly thereafter, a police officer pulled you over to the...

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