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What our Clients Say...

We are proud and honored by the compliments that we receive from our clients. Here are a few of them... Please contact us for answers to more complex questions or questions specific to your case. The initial consultation is free.

Thank you Victoria for the great news !!!

I really appreciate your hard work and getting us focused to put this together with much success. I was certainly surprised of having not to go through another interview.

Many thanks!

Jay M.

"Debra Chernick was a pleasure to work with.  She and Alizah were always very responsive and helpful.  Very professional and would certainly recommend her to anyone in need of her services!"

- Hillary

Debra Chernick has been assisting us with legal matters for the past 20 years, as recently as this past week.  She has handled wills, durable power of attorney, real estate transactions, Family Court matters, auto accident, and other miscellaneous legal advice.  She has always been  knowledgeable, personable and a true professional on whom we can rely.  We have also found her assistant, Alizah Kritz, who has assisted us recently, to be very professional, courteous and timely in responding to our needs.

Just wanted to pass along this feedback to thank the firm and in particular Debra and Alizah. Sincerely,

Bill and Sue M.

Melissa Green held my case with great attention and promptness.  Very Professional! - Justin Paiva


I can't thank you enough for seeing this all the way through...despite the various setbacks outside of our control.  You are a true professional!

I enjoyed working with you as well... Take care!

Russ F.

Victoria -

Thank you for EVERYTHING! You were honest, compassionate, and thorough. You're a great communicator, and always kept us up to date on the status...every step of the way.

Somehow you managed to keep a positive outlook throughout, and never got discouraged in facing adversity and overcoming obstacles that the lenders placed in front of you.

It was a pleasure working with you - you are a true professional!

Thanks again - Jay

SR&T were extremely professional with regards to all aspects of my case.  They were prompt in responding to all of my inquiries and completely answered my questions.  Not only would I seek their services again, I have also informed other law firms in my home state of Massachusetts, who are not licensed in Rhode Island, of their excellent work.

- Richard L.


"Thanks so much for all your help! Very smooth process with all your guidance."

- Jennifer M., Indiana

Jennifer M.


"I want to express my appreciation to Michael Robinson and Victoria Clare for their professional work. My wife is from Ukraine and she was previously married. This could have made the process of getting a Green Card very difficult.  Attorney Michael Robinson helped us to solve all our issues very quickly and painlessly.  After we applied my wife received her Green Card within 2 months, which was unexpectedly fast.  We are very thankful to Michael and Victoria for their diligent work.  We highly recommend attorney Michael Robinson as an excellent immigration lawyer.” 

Daniel and Marina G., Newport, RI

"With regard to the situation that I was in, Michael did everything that he said that he would do.  He was also a professional from beginning to end.  He truly gave me my life back.  I will be forever grateful.  I would highly recommend him." 


Thank you again for your hard work. 


Sandy S.

Michael – 

Thank you for the prompt and expert representation.  Should anyone in my universe ever have needs in yours, I will remember you.

Very Respectfully,

C. Collins – Dallas, TX
13 July 10

“With the professionalism and quick attention to both business and family matters SRT exceeded our expectations with various situations.  With a special thank you to Michael Robinson for his patience when we had none and his professional guidance.  We would highly recommend the law offices of SRT”.


The Sullivan Family


I just received word from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that my application for status as a permanent resident has been granted. Great news. My wife is a US citizen and about a year ago we decided to retire to Cape Cod in Massachusetts. But first I had to get permission to become a permanent resident here. Our American daughter and her English husband had moved to the US with their two little girls about a year before and they had done their application without an attorney. So, knowing from them how complicated and time consuming the process is we decided not to do it ourselves but to get help from an immigration attorney. About nine months ago we contacted Sayer Regan & Thayer, LLP in Newport, Rhode Island, who where recommended to us, and they agreed to help us with my application. For personal reasons we did not want to take up residence before 2010 and during the fall of 2009 we communicated frequently with Sayer Regan & Thayer by email and phone from England where we lived and provided them with information and a great number of documents. By early 2010 the firm had put together a very comprehensive package which was then submitted to the US authorities and we moved to Cape Cod. Four months later we were called for an interview in Boston where we had a short and completely non-controversial interview with an adjudicator from the immigration authorities. 

I believe that Sayer Regan & Thayer did an exceptionally good job in putting together a comprehensive package of application forms with many supporting documents. It is probably because of their thoroughness and insight into the whole process that everything has gone so smoothly with the immigration authorities. One thing I particularly appreciate is that I could live here while my application was being processed. 

It is not often that I believe I got my money’s worth to the extent I did with Sayer Regan & Thayer. And on top of it, they are very pleasant, competent and efficient people to deal with. 

Carl B. – Cape Cod, MA

My wife Myrna (who is Mexican born) and I were married in Jamestown, RI in 2007.  

We immediately applied for her green card status with Sayer, Regan & Thayer, LLP. 

 Our hands were held every step of this lengthy  (2 year process), which made it easy, and virtually flawless. 

During this time attorney Michael Robinson and his very able assistant Victoria Clare walked us through the details,  insisted and helped us to develop the correct documentation, and  followed up consistently. 

Today, 2 years later Myrna has her permanent resident status, and we look forward to applying for her citizenship at the correct time, and most certainly will be using the advice and services of SR&T.




Michael and Myrna Taylor - Vero Beach, FL

To whom it may concern 

During May 2008 my family and I visited the USA on a regular tourist VISA.  Sayer Regan & Thayer Law Firm successfully applied for a L1 Business Visa. 

In December 2009 I had to re-apply to have my business Visa extended.  With the help of Michael Robinson and his assistant Victoria Claire, the application was submitted in November 2009.  Unfortunately, due to the very unique way my business operates, additional information was requested.  This information had to be submitted to the Visa offices buy early January 2010. 

Michael and his assistant, Victoria, spent many hours preparing this application.  A large amount of this preparation was done during the Christmas break, in their private time. 

During my dealing with Michael and Victoria it became evident that they are very committed and proud of what they are doing. 

Early in January my L1 Visa extension was approved, this approval was done with no additional cost to the original quoted fee. 

Without doubt, Michael Robinson and Victoria Clare of Sayer Regan & Thayer give Law Companies a good name. 

Grateful Client

South Africa


Dear Michael:

Gregg and I wish to thank you for sheparding us through the difficult legal process which followed our dog bite incident.  From the very first visit, you and Peter Regan explained the process clearly and helped us understand the sometimes difficult legal aspects of the case.  We are very happy with the settlement awarded and even happeir that this chapter of our lives is over.

We wish you a very successful 2010.

Maureen M. - Tiverton, RI

“I am originally from Denmark and married an American whom I met at the University of Rhode Island.  We felt it necessary to use Sayer Regan & Thayer for my green card because we felt there were some tax issues that might have to be addressed.  Sure enough the INS had some concerns over the Affidavit of Support and prior tax returns.  These problems were expertly handled by Mr. Robinson along with his Paralegal Ms. Clare.  When it came time for our interview it only took 5 minutes mainly due to the thorough preparation from Mr. Robinson and Ms. Clare. They both treated my wife and with respect and expediency and we will not hesitate use them in the future when I apply for Citizenship.  I highly recommend them for their attention to detail and results!”

Michael A. – Jamestown, RI

An email from a happy client:


I want to thank you for the outstanding work you did on my case. You were professional, returned all of my calls in a timely manner and made what was a stressful time for me and my husband a lot easier. I was pleased with the exceptional work and pleasant team at Sayer Regan and Thayer and would not only return with any legal needs I might have but would also recommend you and SRT to anyone looking for Legal representation.”

Patricia K – Arlington, MA

“Sayer, Regan & Thayer has always demonstrated the highest standards of knowledge and professionalism. I have worked primarily with Richard Sayer and Michael Robinson. Richard did an outstanding job of making what would have been an overwhelming and arduous estate plan practically easy, and certainly easy to understand. Michael has outstanding knowledge of people and process, and the intricacies of the difference between what the law says and how it really works. He was instrumental in successfully fending off a malicious legal attacker who attempted to leverage known flaws in the system to take advantage of me. In a world where being right isn't enough and you need to have the better lawyer too, you want Michael on your side.”

 Avram D. – Newport, RI

“SRT has demonstrated that it is a team of outstanding and effective professionals. Having worked primarily with both Michael Robinson and Peter Regan, we have found that they are tireless and proactive advocates, as well as professionals and individuals of the highest caliber and integrity. 

Across SRT, we have found that the firm and its entire team are extremely focused, responsive, meticulous, thorough, and thoughtful.  Having a legal partner and a team that delivers both clear, level-headed advice in addition to RESULTS is of great value.  Having counsel which delivers at a consistently high level of personal and professional standard is of greater value still.” 

Craig &Molly H. -  Newport, RI

I am originally from Derby, England with a Jamaican Background.  Lost my husband eight years ago, leaving me with two boys to raise while also running a fitness studio.  Sayer, Regan & Thayer, have been there for me in all sorts of situation, especially attorney Michael Robinson was very helpful, informative, and determined to win my case.  He took the time to understand my full situation and always kept our communication lines very clear and open.  Mike has a great knowledge of RI law and in the end I'm very happy that I chose Sayer Regan & Thayer LLP and in particular Mike Robinson representing me and my case.  I will always to continue they are like family to me. 

Jennifer H. – Providence, RI

"My working relationship with Sayer Regan & Thayer and Michael Robinson began approximately 5 years ago.  Since then, we have done several real estate closings -- and Michael has lead several tenant related municipal proceedings. Michael demonstrated a personal approach -- complemented by a track record which has been bulletproof. He continues to be a trusted guide in my ownership of investment properties. I could not ask for more from Mike and the team. Mike and the team have set the standard."

Alfred B. – West Orange, NJ

“I am originally from Canada and married an American here in the state of Rhode Island.  We used Sayer Regan & Thayer for my original Conditional Permanent Residency.  When my first two years was completed and I needed to file to remove the conditions I again returned to Sayer Regan & Thayer.  This time I retained Mr. Robinson along with his Paralegal Ms. Clare.  They both treated me with respect and expediency.  My Conditions were removed without even an interview with Citizenship & Immigration, greatly due to the thorough preparation from Mr. Robinson and Ms. Clare.  I intend to use them in the future when I apply for Citizenship.  I highly recommend them for their attention to detail and results!”

Karen N. – Newport, RI

“I feel very fortunate to have had the counsel of Mike Robinson. He was extremely professional and well prepared as we faced my dilemma together.  He was very informative as well as kind, understanding and supportive.  I would recommend him unequivocally to my friends or family.” 

Jack Z. – Waterbury, CT.

"Attorney Michael Robinson and the staff at SRT Law were instrumental in helping me through what was by far the most difficult time of my life.  Without their assistance, professionalism, kindness, and expertise, I would not have gotten back on my feet and living the life I enjoy today." 

Jay S. – Newport, RI

"Attorney Michael Robinson was very helpful, informative, and determined to win my case.  He took the time to understand my full situation and always kept our communication lines very clear and open.  Mike has a great knowledge of RI law and in the end I'm very happy that I chose Sayer Regan & Thayer LLP and in particular Mike Robinson representing me and my case." 

Jim S. - Massachusetts

The following is an actual email, from a satisfied immigration client:

"Hi Victoria,

So nice to hear from you! I am glad you received our check, I did chat with my sister earlier this week and she is making her transfer tomorrow so you should have that this weekend and hopefully we can start working together soon.
We've been chatting over here and have come to the conclusion that you and Mike are the nicest people and we are so happy that we found you, you care and it shows, thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Elizabeth D. - Jacksonville, FL

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