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What happens if you are injured while at work?  Will you receive your paycheck?  How will you maintain your health insurance?  Who pays for your medical treatment?  The workers’ compensation laws in Massachusetts and Rhode Island provide benefits for injured workers.  Know your rights if you are injured.  Don’t go it alone.  An attorney can assist you with obtaining the correct benefits, paying for medical treatment and easing your transition back to the work force.  All at no cost to you.

A workers’ compensation attorney can help you through this difficult time standing up for your rights and making certain that you receive any benefits owed to you.  We contact the insurance company, make certain your checks come on time, your medical treatment is approved and paid, help you through the return to work process—all at no cost to you.  When necessary we file claims in the Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Court or the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents to ensure that ALL of your needs are met!  The insurance company’s adjuster is not there to help you.  You should not be in the position of having to speak to them to argue your case.  An attorney skilled in the workers’ compensation laws should be representing your interests so that your rights are protected.

With almost thirty years of experience our office is able to provide effective representation focusing on your needs.  Attorney Deborah G. Kohl has been listed in Best Lawyers in America for Workers’ Compensation and has been recognized by the National College of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers.  She is a frequent lecturer on workers’ compensation topics and is a past national president of the Workers’ Injury Law and Advocacy Group.

We realize the difficulties faced by you when you are without a paycheck and don’t know what the future holds.  Practicing in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we are able to provide personal service.  We return phone calls, we understand your concerns.  We fight for you in court and against the insurance companies.  Rest assured that we are there to meet your needs.  We will meet with you, focus on your issues and be at your side during this difficult time.  Whether your claim is for scarring or lost time, whether you have an unpaid medical bill or are out of work, we can help.  Our staff is dedicated to helping those in need.  Our only goal is to help YOU.  We recognize the impact of being injured and out of work on your financial and emotional life.  We can provide guidance and assistance for your medical and financial needs bringing years of experience to the table.  We will provide aggressive and effective representation of your interests with the insurance company and before the court.

Whether you were injured due to a fall at work, due to lifting heavy boxes or from repetitive activities or whether you had a heart attack at work or were involved in a work related automobile accident, our office can assist you in obtaining benefits through the workers’ compensation systems in Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

Call or e-mail us to schedule an appointment so that we can begin helping you!

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