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There is no good time to get injured and no wise person would trade their health for money, but the fact is, accidents and injuries do happen, and when they do, you need the right attorneys on your side.  You need the lawyers of Sayer Regan & Thayer, LLP

At Sayer Regan & Thayer, LLP, our attorneys care about you and your family. We want what is best for you and are willing to devote the time and attention necessary to meet your personal injury needs.  We get to know the intricacies of your case and, more importantly, get to know you as a real person, and not just some file. 

We are selective about the cases we accept and limit our case load so that we can provide the best individualized service. That results in extra value to our clients.  All too often, law firms overload themselves and never give much time or attention to any individual case.  They do so because they are motivated by money instead of client service.  We don’t do that.  We ARE different. 

At Sayer Regan & Thayer, LLP we don’t count cases or focus on the number of clients we have.  We focus on providing outstanding legal service and help our clients achieve their goals.  Our cases are about people and families.  Your case will receive personal care and attention—a service of lasting value.

And for what it is worth, we also happen to be darn good at maximizing the dollar value of every personal injury case we accept. 


You’re driving along the “S” curves on Interstate 95 in Providence when without warning you have to stop short because something happened in front of you.  Maybe it was raining or snowing, and the roads were slick.  However, you managed to stop in time, but the driver behind you wasn’t paying attention.  Suddenly, your car is slammed from behind. 

Based on the sheer force of the impact your car is totaled and you can tell immediately from the sharp piercing pain in your back and neck that you are in trouble. You try to get out of the car, but your legs feel week and you are loosing sensation in your feet. Someone calls 911 and after a short time you are rushed by ambulance to Rhode Island Hospital. 

You have herniated discs and need emergency laminectomy surgery. You’re lucky you didn’t sustain any spinal chord injuries. The doctors have saved you from being permanently paralyzed, but such valiant efforts are not free and you have racked up huge hospital bills and medical fees. As if the injuries, the medical bills and the lost wages weren’t enough, you learn that you have to deal with the insurance company that won’t pay. 


When you were injured you entered into a legal war zone.  You didn’t choose to be in the fight, but now that you are, you need to be in it to win.  Large insurance companies take advantage of people in weak and disadvantaged positions so that they don’t have to pay the fair compensation that is rightfully owed to injured victims. 

If you needed surgery and missed work, the insurance company knows you’re in a vulnerable physical, mental and financial condition.  As a result, they try to strong-arm you into taking less than fair compensation.  This is where the lawyers of Sayer Regan & Thayer, LLP can help. We level the playing field and deal with the insurance company so that you don’t have to. In your weakened condition your only responsibility should be to rest and recover as quickly as possible. Your job is to get healthy.  At Sayer Regan & Thayer, LLP, as attorneys, our job is to do the hard legal work and fight for your rights. 


On today’s roads it seems the need for speed is an unchecked addiction.  Nationally, up to 30% of drivers speed in residential areas, a fact that has police from Westerly to Woonsocket seriously concerned for the well being of residents and their children. Sadly, it can be extremely dangerous to take a walk or for children play anywhere near a road. 

You and your dog are enjoying a leisurely walk on a beautiful summer day along the ocean in Narragansett.  Or you’re out for a bike ride on the little residential streets that surround your house in

East Greenwich. Suddenly a bright red sports car comes flying around a corner. It comes close to hitting you, but swerves at the last minute to keep from mowing you down. As a result, however, it hits a parked car, which is pushed right into you. 

Five months later, you are still recovering from the internal bleeding from the car accident. You spent a week in Kent Hospital or South County Hospital and had to take the time off work without pay. The driver of the sports car has insurance, but the insurance company denies liability.  The insurance company claims the other car was parked illegally and shouldn’t have been there.  As a result, the insurance company will not pay for your lost wages, pain and suffering or medical bills. What can you do? 

At Sayer Regan & Thayer, LLP our attorneys are here to help. We are dedicated to getting compensation for you personal injury. We make sure that those liable for your damages are brought to justice and are made to pay for your losses. 


At Sayer Regan & Thayer, LLP we can help you with many situations beyond car accidents. We have extensive experience representing victims of dog-bites.  Did you know that Rhode Island law holds dog owners responsible for dog-bites? If you have been bitten and must deal with doctors, shots and scars, you should not have to pay. Over $1 billion is spent on dog-bite related injuries every year, with insurance companies paying less than one-third of that amount. One-thousand people per day require hospital attention for dog-bites. 

Most of us love dogs, and rightfully so.  It is the dog owners who are responsible, not the dogs.  Dog owners must be responsible and keep control of their dogs. The lawyers of Sayer Regan & Thayer, LLP will fight for you!

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