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Business Immigration

Technology Professionals

We are experienced at helping specific industries meet their immigration goals. Computer and technology companies will assign IT professionals to divisions throughout the United States. Most computer professionals qualify for the H-1B or L-1 temporary visa category. In cases of foreign trained computer specialists, we evaluate the background work experience and degree of the IT professional to assure equivalency with a U.S bachelor's degree. This prevents problems in visa processing with an unpredictable immigration officer.

Health Care Professionals

One of our areas of concentration is the immigration of qualified healthcare workers. Due to specific shortages of qualified professionals, the U.S. Government has streamlined the admission process for certain occupations, including qualified registered nurses and physical therapists. Accordingly, professionals in these occupations can be admitted under "Schedule A" regulations for permanent employment (a Green Card) in the United States, without undergoing the extensive labor certification process. We advise on state licensing requirements and the prerequisites, including the CGFNS Certificate (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools).

Our legal assistance includes petitions on behalf of hospitals and research facilities throughout the United States. Certain foreign medical school graduates (Alien Physicians) may have options to remain permanently in the United States. Non-immigrant visas such as the H-1B professional worker visa and the O-1 visa for aliens of extraordinary ability are other options. For those requiring a waiver of the mandatory 2-year foreign residency requirement attached to certain J-1 visas, there are strategies to consider through the "Conrad Waiver", HHS waivers and national interest concerns. Also physician scientists and researchers often qualify for permanent residency through the EB-1 or EB-2 permanent resident visas, thereby bypassing the Labor Certification process.

Foreign Investors

An often overlooked path to U.S. permanent resident status is the EB-5 Investor Visa. U.S. immigration regulations provide for a number of temporary and permanent resident visas reserved specifically for foreign investors. The crucial elements applicable to a permanent investor visa are: An investment of $1 million (in some cases only $500,000) in a "newly" established United States business entity. The rules governing this visa category are complex yet we manage the process through a series of evaluations that will balance the foreign investor's corporate structure requirements with U.S tax concerns and immigration considerations. We work closely with individuals, venture capitalists, banks and law firms that have investors interested in such opportunities.