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Roads in Rhode Island are more dangerous than others

No matter the supposed safety improvements made to vehicles and stricter traffic laws, accidents continue to happen. Car accidents happen every day in the U.S., including here in Rhode Island. In fact, research shows they are occurring at a relatively higher rate in our state. 

2 hurt and home damaged in 2-car crash in Providence

Some car accidents are more than just two vehicles colliding. There are times when the collision itself can head off the roads and into homes, yards or pedestrians. When accidents like this occur, the collateral damage is high. Those who weren't even on the roads are impacted.

What are the biggest risks to Rhode Island boaters?

Recreational boating is a wonderful activity whether you're going out as a family or just cruising with some friends—but accident prevention is always something that you have to have in mind if you want to have a safe time, not just a good time.

5 minors injured in car accident

Community members are coming out in force in the wake of a recent car accident to bring attention to the need for safety signage in a certain area of road after a car accident involving five minors. The accident illustrates just how complicated an injury accident can become when the there are multiple contributing factors.

For cruise passengers, ships are full of hazards

With swimming pools, restaurants, shopping and dance clubs aboard; many of today's cruise ships are more akin to floating cities than ships. The cruise industry is enjoying a growth in popularity as the American Association of Port Authorities reports that from 2003 to 2013, there was a 77 percent increase in demand for cruise vacations which equated to roughly $117 billion in revenue worldwide.

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