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Maritime law: You have a right to compensation when hurt

When you're in a maritime accident, you may find that your case falls under the both-to-blame clause. The ocean marine insurance policy has this clause stating that if one ship or vessel collides with another because both parties were negligent, both parties need to share in the losses based on the value of their cargo and interests before the accident occurred.

Offshore wind farming is approaching a new era of development

Offshore wind farming may be coming to the Long Island area, bringing 500 foot tall turbines, an endlessly renewable supply of energy, and job for up to 2000 construction workers per wind project.

What laws apply when you get into deep water?

Maritime law is one of those things you don't hear a lot about, and some people can go their entire lives without needing to know about it. But anyone who goes out on the water, even for just a short pleasure cruise, should know what laws apply if something goes wrong.

The Jones Act protects seamen in cases of negligence

The Jones Act is an important federal law that protects seamen when they are filing lawsuits against their employers. The act governs both wrongful death and personal injury claims. It gives crew members and officers the right to sue their employers for negligence if it resulted in injuries or death while at sea.

Buying and selling yachts from outside the U.S.

If you own a yacht that was built and/or purchased outside of the U.S., it's essential to be in compliance with federal laws if you're going to sell the vessel to a U.S. citizen. It's also important to know what the requirements are if the yacht was made in the U.S. but flies a foreign flag.

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