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January 2017 Archives

DNA collection at your arrest: What you should know

Mandatory DNA testing of people under arrest: the police love it, but defenders of civil liberties say that it is helping decay the presumption of innocence, which has long been part of the bedrock of the United States legal system.

What laws apply when you get into deep water?

Maritime law is one of those things you don't hear a lot about, and some people can go their entire lives without needing to know about it. But anyone who goes out on the water, even for just a short pleasure cruise, should know what laws apply if something goes wrong.

It's time to seek immigration assistance in Rhode Island

This is a difficult time to be an immigrant in the United States -- the incoming presidential administration built part of its platform on a promise to curb undocumented immigration. This has many undocumented immigrants who have been quietly living, studying, working and paying taxes in the United States for years concerned about their immediate future. Many are afraid that once the new president takes office, they'll be rapidly shipped back to a country that they hardly remember and no longer fit into.

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