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How can you fight a DUI charge in Rhode Island?

You were driving when you saw the flashing red and blue lights. You knew you were probably driving while intoxicated, so you didn't want to stop. You did anyway, and it was only a short time before you found yourself in the backseat of the police cruiser.

Now, you just want the DUI to go away without impacting your record. You need to drive to get to work, and you can't afford to have a criminal record for a one-time mistake.

Contested divorces: Avoid them for a fast, stress-free divorce

A contested divorce is definitely a divorce that you want to avoid if you can. When there are things you can't agree on, it can make the divorce drag on for months or years longer than it needs to.

To prevent that from happening, there are a few things you can do. For one thing, you can consult your attorney to make sure you know exactly what you need to file and finalize the divorce. You will need to gather all your appropriate documents and be prepared to file them with the court. Keep copies of these documents.

Border Patrol to keep checkpoints open during Hurricane Harvey

Although this doesn't take place in Rhode Island, if you're considering heading to Texas to help with the hurricane's damage or to try to find your loved ones, it may apply to you. The Border Patrol has stated that checkpoints will remain active while Hurricane Harvey is present in the state, even though it could put lives at risk.

People who disagree with the Border Patrol's decision state that it is because having checkpoints may make those who are in the United States illegally too scared to leave the state despite the risks of the hurricane. They may fear deportation, so they won't leave their homes despite rising waters and a heavy risk of injury or death.

Laws could protect drivers who hit protesters

Imagine being in a crowd protesting. You're not a hazard to anyone. You're minding your own business and speaking your mind within your First Amendment rights. You have permission to stand on the sidewalk and to be on the roads. There are barriers around you.

Then, a car crashes into the crowd. You're left with injuries, and other people have been hurt or killed.

Avoid boating accidents with these 2 reminders

The summer is a great time to go boating, but only if you know how to stay safe. You should never go out onto the water without knowing how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Most boating accidents can be avoided with a few simple tips. Here are a couple things you can keep in mind to help you stay safe.

Domestic violence: You have the right to safety in Rhode Island

As someone who has been a victim of domestic violence, it's important that you feel protected. That's what some state laws attempt to do for you.

The Rhode Island House has approved a bill that will help disarm those involved in domestic abuse situations. The bill, approved in late June, passed 55 to 12 in the House after a long debate. The bill must also pass the Senate to become law, but whether or not it passes, the importance of the bill is key in this situation.

Insanity plea results in not guilty verdict for 36-year-old man

It is important to have someone help you defend yourself if you're accused of a crime. Why? Your attorney can help you protect your rights.

Imagine being in your home and not knowing what your name is, where you are or what you're doing. Maybe the trees look like snakes or your well-known neighbor is suddenly a spy for another country. In your mind, the world is against you, so you have to take a stand. You defend yourself and what you think is right. Then, days later, treated with the right medications, you come out of an episode of schizophrenia.

3 boating hazards to avoid

There is no doubt that boating in Rhode Island is a fun experience. Whether this is your first summer out on the water or you have boated here your entire life, it is important to remember that boating accidents can easily happen. There are various hazards that boaters face that you must be constantly aware of and protecting yourself against.

While inexperience and lack of safety gear can certainly lead to accidents and injuries, this post focuses on hazardous conditions. Here are some common hazards that result in boating accidents.

Can you get drunk from food cooked in alcohol?

You went out to eat with friends and made sure you didn't drink, because you had to be the one to drive home sober. Not long after you started your trek home, you noticed that you weren't feeling quite right. Shortly thereafter, a police officer pulled you over to the side of the road.

He asked you to complete a Breathalyzer test. You agreed, because you knew you hadn't had a drink tonight. You were shocked when the results came back over .08 percent.

Failing to read warnings may eliminate a company's liability

You were driving your boat when it suddenly idled. You wanted to check the motor, so you left your seat and looked over the edge of the boat. Noticing that there were weeds tangled in the propeller, you reached in to pull them out. The boat was still on, and the motor kicked back on, cutting your hand and arm. Fortunately, you were able to back away fast enough not to suffer a serious injury, but now you want to file a claim.

You needed stitches and other medical care for the injury, which you believe wouldn't have happened if there were warnings on the boat. Should the manufacturer be held liable?

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