What our Clients Say...

A belated and much appreciated THANK YOU for all the work your performed on my/our behalf. This is the information I was looking for awaiting for the IRS to update PUB 17 with the new budget regulations included. Have a Great 2015.
-James B. - Portsmouth, RI

Just a note to thank you for your assistance with the closing on my house. This was a new experience for me and you made it smooth and stress free for me.
-Barbara M.

We are proud and honored by the compliments that we receive from our clients. Here are a few of them... Please  contact us for answers to more complex questions or questions specific to your case. The initial consultation is free.

"Across SRT, we have found that the firm and its entire team are extremely focused, responsive, meticulous, thorough, and thoughtful. Having a legal partner and a team that delivers both clear, level-headed advice in addition to RESULTS is of great value. Having counsel which delivers at a consistently high level of personal and professional standard is of greater value still."
-Craig & Molly H. - Newport, RI

I wanted to send you a message to say thank YOU so much. In such a normally distressing situation, you helped us more than you know, so thank you thank you!!! We are all settled in to our affordable and cozy home and are super happy!!! Thanks again!
-Julie A., Tiverton, RI

Adam and Melissa -
I felt that I had to write this to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you both on the purchase transaction. As we all are aware, this was a challenging situation with many bumps along the road. If this had been left in the custody of 2 less capable attorneys I don't know what the outcome might have been. I am most appreciative that you allowed me access to you both and that we could work together to help bring this to fruition. I appreciate the way you both thought things through when problems arose ...many other attorneys would have started "firing their guns" to impress people. You both impressed by keeping cool under pressure and using your experience to solve the many problems we faced. I am very pleased by the quality of your work, and even more so that I have you both as friends and referral partners.

Once again, thanks for an excellent job under very difficult circumstances. I think SRT Law is very fortunate to have you both there for the future.
-Robert H. Ruth

I have known Deb Chernick both as a friend and legal counsel, for over twenty years. She has helped me through both good times, and rough times. We met when I closed on my first house. We became friends and have enjoyed many good times together, and great conversations. She guided me through a rough divorce, and took away the stress that comes with all decisions, and emotions that come with a divorce. She's helped me with my will, and the closing on my refinance of my home, after my divorce. She even went to town hall to file the paperwork for my name change! I couldn't imagine a more professional legal counsel, or a better friend! Deb is a gem that I will always treasure!
-Lee S.

I wanted to let you know how wonderful my relationship with Deb Chernick has been. From the moment we met, I felt good in her presence and intuitively knew that I'd chosen the "right" attorney for my divorce.

Deb is very efficient and caring. Both of these qualities were so helpful to me during an emotional time in my life. What I value most about Deb is her good heart. There is not an ounce of negativity in her!

Needless to say, my divorce was a smooth transition and for that I'll always be grateful to Deb.Professional and empathetic. It is not impossible.
-Susan M.

Debra Chernick has served as our attorney for more than twenty years and during that time she has provided us with invaluable advice, counsel and service. She is a consummate professional, always responsive and thorough. In addition to her professionalism, Debra has a warm and caring demeanor and we feel she is our friend as well as our attorney. She is always looking out for our best interests. We would highly recommend Debra to anyone looking for an attorney.
-Jim and Kathryn H.

Thank you Victoria for the great news !!!

I really appreciate your hard work and getting us focused to put this together with much success. I was certainly surprised of having not to go through another interview.

Many thanks!
-Jay M.

"Debra Chernick was a pleasure to work with. She and Alizah were always very responsive and helpful. Very professional and would certainly recommend her to anyone in need of her services!"

Debra Chernick has been assisting us with legal matters for the past 20 years, as recently as this past week. She has handled wills, durable power of attorney, real estate transactions, Family Court matters, auto accident, and other miscellaneous legal advice. She has always been knowledgeable, personable and a true professional on whom we can rely. We have also found her assistant, Alizah Kritz, who has assisted us recently, to be very professional, courteous and timely in responding to our needs.

Just wanted to pass along this feedback to thank the firm and in particular Debra and Alizah.

-Bill and Sue M.

Melissa Green held my case with great attention and promptness. Very Professional!
-Justin Paiva


I can't thank you enough for seeing this all the way through...despite the various setbacks outside of our control. You are a true professional!

I enjoyed working with you as well... Take care!
-Russ F.

Victoria -

Thank you for EVERYTHING! You were honest, compassionate, and thorough. You're a great communicator, and always kept us up to date on the status...every step of the way.

Somehow you managed to keep a positive outlook throughout, and never got discouraged in facing adversity and overcoming obstacles that the lenders placed in front of you.

It was a pleasure working with you - you are a true professional!

Thanks again, 

SR&T were extremely professional with regards to all aspects of my case. They were prompt in responding to all of my inquiries and completely answered my questions. Not only would I seek their services again, I have also informed other law firms in my home state of Massachusetts, who are not licensed in Rhode Island, of their excellent work.
-Richard L.

"Thanks so much for all your help! Very smooth process with all your guidance."
-Jennifer M., Indiana

I just received word from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that my application for status as a permanent resident has been granted. Great news. My wife is a US citizen and about a year ago we decided to retire to Cape Cod in Massachusetts. But first I had to get permission to become a permanent resident here. Our American daughter and her English husband had moved to the US with their two little girls about a year before and they had done their application without an attorney. So, knowing from them how complicated and time consuming the process is we decided not to do it ourselves but to get help from an immigration attorney. About nine months ago we contacted Sayer Regan & Thayer, LLP in Newport, Rhode Island, who where recommended to us, and they agreed to help us with my application. For personal reasons we did not want to take up residence before 2010 and during the fall of 2009 we communicated frequently with Sayer Regan & Thayer by email and phone from England where we lived and provided them with information and a great number of documents. By early 2010 the firm had put together a very comprehensive package which was then submitted to the US authorities and we moved to Cape Cod. Four months later we were called for an interview in Boston where we had a short and completely non-controversial interview with an adjudicator from the immigration authorities.

I believe that Sayer Regan & Thayer did an exceptionally good job in putting together a comprehensive package of application forms with many supporting documents. It is probably because of their thoroughness and insight into the whole process that everything has gone so smoothly with the immigration authorities. One thing I particularly appreciate is that I could live here while my application was being processed.

It is not often that I believe I got my money's worth to the extent I did with Sayer Regan & Thayer. And on top of it, they are very pleasant, competent and efficient people to deal with.
-Carl B. - Cape Cod, MA